Sentences | Freckled Italian

October is a really busy month for us this year--we were in Minneapolis the first weekend of the month and were able to stay put this past weekend, but then we'll be in Roanoke Saturday night and to a wedding near Charlottesville the weekend after that. Then it's Halloween and Rob's brothers are visiting, and the first weekend in November is another wedding, this time in Washington DC. This time in our lives is so fun--lots of weddings and parties and other celebrations, but I always have to remember to take a second and catch my breath every once in a while.

It's that time of year in Charlotte where the mornings are really chilly, but then it reaches almost 80 degrees in the afternoon, which always kind of bums me out. I'm ready for cold days and hats and hot tea at 2PM. We've been leaving the windows open at night, though, which always makes me sleep so well.

One of my best friends, Elena, came through town on Sunday on her way to the airport to catch a flight back to Seattle and we got to hang out for the first time since my wedding, where she was a bridesmaid. Before that we hadn't seen each other in probably two years. It is truly ridiculous how rarely I see some of my closest friends, but I feel so incredibly fortunate to have these relationships that allow us to just pick up where we left off, no matter the distance between us.

I have to admit that I'm really surprised by how hard it's been for me to get back into the swing of things after taking two weeks to go to Roanoke and care for my mom after surgery. I guess I had been feeling burnt out for a long time, and that ended up kind of being the last straw for me. I really did anticipate just jumping back into everything--writing and blogging, working out, eating right, keeping our apartment organized--all the daily things we don't usually have to put too much thought into. But it's been a struggle to stay motivated, to stay inspired. I wish I could stay that I'm doing the best I can, but I'm not sure if that's true. There's still a big part of me that's trying to figure out what's next for me, what I want this blog to be, and what my goals and dreams actually look like.