Weekend in Photos // Back to Minneapolis

Rob and I had such a great trip to Minnesota this weekend--we got home late last night and are spending this Martin Luther King Day relaxing at home and getting unpacked before another week starts. I wasn't sure how visiting Minneapolis was going to feel--would I miss it more? Would I feel like Charlotte was finally our home? (The answer ended up being a little of both.)

I didn't take too many photos with my camera while I was in Minneapolis, but here are the few that I did! It was so nice catching up with my lovely friends whom I haven't seen in almost six months. We went to almost all of our favorite restaurants, drank great coffee, attended a sweet baby shower, and enjoyed a few really warm days (by Minnesota standards, of course). It was such a nice trip and I can't wait to get back again--hopefully in the summer next time!

How was your weekend? I'm headed back to the airport on Wednesday to catch a flight to Salt Lake City for Alt Summit!