Weekend in Photos // The Virginia Friend Tour

One of Rob's college roommates got married in Williamsburg over the weekend, so we left a few days early to spend some time in Roanoke. Our flight from Charlotte got cancelled and we ended up renting a car and driving the quick three hours up 81 so we didn't have to wait any longer to be in Roanoke. Before leaving Charlotte, we stopped at Tenders, an awesome little chicken restaurant that my friend Shawna would take us all to when we visited her at Davidson for Spring Frolics every year. Then we were on the road, enjoying the gorgeous scenery that North Carolina and Virginia always has to offer in the spring and summer.

We finally made it to Roanoke and spent some time gathered around in my parents' kitchen, which is one of my favorite places to be. Our neighbor's dog (and Rocky's old best friend), Bentley, came over to say hi and it made me happy and sad at the same time. It's pretty hard to believe that Rocky's been gone almost half a year already. But it was lovely to spend time at home that didn't involve wedding planning. Rob and I each invited one friend over for dinner the next day and we all had such a great time catching up.

Virginia June 203.JPG
Virginia June 100.JPG

The next day I got my hair cut and hung out with my mom. We did some grocery shopping after lunch--it's not a Roanoke visit without at least one stop at Beamer's! My current favorite is the Reuben burger.

Virginia June 187.JPG

This weekend was one that was happy and fun and full of nostalgia--so many college friends, so many hilarious stories and memories shared over beers and glasses of wine on Saturday night and a hotel breakfast on Sunday morning. On our way to Williamsburg, we stopped for just a few minutes to see my friend Emma in Charlottesville.

Virginia June 215.JPG

It's always so nice to be home.