Recipe(ish): Cinnamon-Orange Simmer Pot

When it gets cold outside and the holidays are near, I love throwing some aromatics into a pot to make our whole apartment smell like heaven. You can make up your own or change the measurements however you like, but this is how I make mine:


  • One or two clementine peels (you can use oranges if you have them)
  • A couple slices of lemon
  • One or two cinnamon sticks
  • A palm-full of whole cloves
  • Several cups of water (or more, depending on the pot you use) 


  1. Put all fruit and spices in a pot and add water. Turn stove to medium.
  2. Get it to a gentle boil, then reduce heat to low and let simmer. Leave as long as you like, refilling water as it evaporates. (I usually just have it going when I'm anywhere near the kitchen.) Don't forget about it!