Coffee Talk | Fall Treats

Now that the weather is finally getting cooler in Charlotte, I'm finding myself wanting that always-comforting afternoon cup of coffee more and more. You know the one--it's usually paired with another chapter of whatever book you're reading or, if you're me right now, an embarrassing number of episodes of Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

Yesterday, Rob was able to work from home so we sat on the couch in the afternoon and drank coffee together. It was so nice, with the window to the deck open; just spending time together on a Monday. Those little moments tend to be my favorite.

Lavazza 029.JPG

Recently Lavazza sent me some more coffee, as well as a bottle of caramel syrup and a milk frother! I would love to be able to tell you that I resisted the caramel, but let's face it--does anyone not like caramel? I rarely ever sweeten my coffee, so it was a nice treat yesterday. I do regularly heat up some almond milk and froth it to make luxurious, homemade cafe au laits, which I totally love.

What's your favorite way to have coffee?

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