Modern Times & Minnehaha Falls

Rob had to work a lot this weekend, so I spent much of the past few days on my own. I didn't mind it--I watched a lot of Parks and Rec, started thinking about what I'm going to wear to Alt Summit (no, I haven't packed yet), and began to assemble our wedding invitations. I am never as organized with my time as I intend to be, but still, I managed to go grocery shopping and to the post office and made soup.

On Sunday, I drove to my friend Daci's house and we headed to breakfast, followed by an adventurous walk around a frozen Minnehaha Falls. It was 37 degrees and sunny so naturally we abandoned our coats and rolled down the windows as soon as we got back to the car. We grabbed a Bloody Mary at Red Stag Supperclub and sat at the bar before window shopping a really sweet little store just a few doors down. We stood outside and snapped photos, still jacket-less, taking in the sunlight and above-freezing temperatures. It feels pretty awesome to have adapted to the weather in this small way, and to have made a friend with whom I can spend an entire day laughing and exploring.


How did you spend your Sunday this weekend?