A Look at Our Wedding Invitations

Things in Wedding Planning Land are getting pretty real, which means that when I was in Virginia for Christmas I got my hair done, put on my dress, and did a bridal shoot with our awesome photographer. We've booked and planned our bachelor and bachelorette weekends, we have a date set to get our marriage licence, and I totally cried in my car this morning while listening to Regina Spektor's Us. All of these details have been super fun and exciting, but coming home to a big box from Minted with our wedding invitations last week was a whole new level of awesomeness (and passion eyes).


 We went with this design and opted to do custom colors, because although we were both pretty smitten with that charcoal, it didn't really fit the whole wedding aesthetic we're going for. So I just selected our colors from a grid, and a designer decided which would go where before sending us a proof! I also customized a "Reception" card to be a "Details" enclosure, which gives our guests hotel information and a link to our wedding website. It was easy and fun and they are just exactly what I had in mind.

I laid them all out and admired them for an embarrassingly long amount of time before realizing that I had no idea how to actually assemble them. A quick Google search gave me a general idea, but there were specific questions I had that I couldn't really figure out. I decided to use the chat feature on Minted's website, and a very friendly gentleman explained everything to me! That was pretty awesome and sort of just above and beyond the already awesome service I always receive with Minted. One less thing to do before May! Cheers to that.


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