Friday Favorites (28)

Happy Friday! I have lots of links for you this weekend, so let's get right to it:

Books, TV, and Movies
Loved this piece on Laverne Cox and Orange Is The New Black. Are you watching it? I'm ready to start.
I read How I Live Now in a Literature for Young Adults class in undergrad and loved it. The film looks like it's going to be amazing (I love Saoirse Ronan), but I'm curious to see what they do with the whole sex-with-her-cousin thing.

Fall makes me want to wear jeans and my favorite tees every day. I'm feeling the need to stock up at Everlane soon.
Currently on my wishlist: this bright jumpsuitthese little boots, and this fabulous watch.

Melissa is such a sweetheart. I appreciated her post on not offending when offended.
A beautiful post by Dani.
Maddie is so fun, and she can whip up a mean cocktail. See here and here.
I'm dying over Robyn's kayaking adventure in Canada. I'm not that outdoorsy, but something about having to paddle your way to a magical little hideaway sounds, well, magical.

Rob and I are taking engagement pictures at the end of September and I have been wondering what we're going to wear. Our photographer posted some tips on what to wear on her blog. Perfect timing, Ashley!
I would totally walk down the aisle to this song if the lyrics weren't so crazy. Think I can make it in forty seconds?
And while we're at it, if I lived in California, Joelle would so totally be my wedding planner.

The New Mumford & Sons Music Video Parodies Itself and It's Amazing. And I cried.
I'm loving this song so much, and the video is just as beautiful.
A Pep Talk from Kid President to You
She's a Legend covers Mad World. No big deal, that's just my brother's band.

Rob and I are hitting a rooftop happy hour this evening, and tomorrow I predict a night in with Pad Thai and a movie. There's still some unpacking to be done around here. What do you have planned this weekend?