Weekend Walk | High Bridge Trail

My parents and I decided to visit Sean at school on Saturday, so we packed a little picnic lunch, loaded Rocky into the car, and drove to Farmville to walk part of the High Bridge Trail together. Walking across the bridge is really awesome--it feels like you're on a boardwalk at the beach, but you're high above the treetops the entire time.
 Rocky got a little more than he bargained for and had to be carried at the very end, but he's still a sucker for a good walk.

After our walk and picnic, we stopped by The Bakery for some tea before heading back home. 
My roommates and I used to walk there from my college apartment all the time, so it's always nice to visit.

I've been to Farmville twice in two weekends! What a treat. 
It's hard to believe I'll be there once more next month for Sean's graduation.

When we got home we ordered Chinese food and my mom made us a martini.
A Saturday well-spent.

What did you do this weekend?