Recipe: Paleo Macaroons

I think that, after sharing some quirks with you yesterday, I should also let you know that my dog sees an acupuncturist.

She takes a very holistic approach to Rocky's health that I appreciate, and the other day she said that he would benefit from some coconut in his diet; so Rocky should have one or two macaroons a day, which I also appreciate and simultaneously find hilarious (there's just something about handing a dog a human dessert that cracks me up).

Anyway, my mom and I picked up a couple tins of macaroons at the co-op over the weekend and while she and I and Rocky thoroughly enjoyed them, we (well, two of us, at least) were a little put off by how much added sugar they contained. So we made a Paleo version. Because a Paleo family is a happy family, dog and all.


We used this recipe from Elana's Pantry:

And they are Rocky-approved.