On Commitment

[One of my favorite photos, which I took in November of 2011 in Richmond and used originally in this post (another favorite).]

I was thinking about love the other day--the non-glamorous, difficult side of things that is so far removed from the weddings we love and re-post photos from on Pinterest. 

I thought about how simple, good communication is worth its weight in gold, and I thought about the nights that you will cry about bathroom rugs or furniture, or maybe go to bed angry but hold hands anyway because you love each other even when one of you is being an asshole, and the promise that's there even when the passion maybe won't be. 

And it's this--navigating the hard stuff and making it through not-so-glamorous times--that actually feels more magical to me than a bouquet of peach roses with baby's breath poking out, or mason jars wrapped in lace.