Friday Favorites (17)

Happy Friday to you! How was everyone's week? I went to the eye doctor on Wednesday because I've been experiencing some blurred vision periodically and found out I have astigmatism and need glasses for when I'm working! I picked out some really pretty ones and I'm excited to not have to focus so hard on seeing what's in front of me anymore.

Check out some links that I've been saving for you since last time:

This was adorable and hilarious--a six-year-old judges some books by their covers (found on The Rumpus).
I can't get over how wonderful this dog is!

Apparently this Category is Religion
I loved reading this piece, and I think I'd like to get there someday--No matter what, I'm still Catholic.
A co-worker of mine sent me this link and we had a pretty good WTF Moment over it. Seriously?
Pretty interesting visual in this article--Religion and Science Are Closer Than You Think.

These boots are perfect.
I want this bracelet.
These sunglasses and this bag (in lemon) have me dreaming of spring.

A new blog friend for you to make this weekend: Esther Fox.
My brother's band started a blog. You can check it out and follow along right here.
I loved this post by Betsy.
Get Excited! I'm so excited about my friend Ed's new recycling venture, which you can learn even more about right here.

Sponsored by WideAngle
WideAngle is all about discovering, sharing and saving the photo memories you love. This month, they're giving away a new camera every week. Learn more about the campaign and enter here. (And thanks for your support as I occasionally work with sponsors!)

I went to a screening of The Startup Kids last night and it was amazing. It was awesome to see how much enthusiasm there is for creativity, technology, and entrepreneurship right here in Roanoke.


I'm looking forward to a weekend of reading, writing, and Rocky-walking. What do you have planned?