[Really into bed-time snacks these days.]

Watching old episodes of Mad Men--my parents have gotten really into it, and even though Rob and I have watched almost all of it, it's really cool to go back and watch Don Draper's character progress. I can't get over how amazingly written and put-together that show is--re-watching it is like re-reading a really good book.

Thinking about the distance between me and Rob, a lot. Yesterday I actually looked at a map and it kind of blew my mind. There's like half of the country between us! I obviously know where Virginia and Minnesota are, but until yesterday I hadn't really looked at it with the perspective that I have now. It's crazy.

Listening to Codes and Keys by Death Cab for Cutie. I think it's one of my favorite albums. (I listen to Monday Morning practically on repeat and who knows, maybe I like to think that Ben Gibbard wrote it about me.) It reminds me of the summer of 2011 (which feels a lot further away than it is), my last semester of graduate school, and moving to Charlottesville. It's funny, because that was one of the hardest seasons of my life so far, and yet I look back on it today with a smile.

Excited about my first visit to Minneapolis! I'll be there very late on Valentine's Day and am staying until Sunday. I actually tried to switch my flights around last night because we realized a little too late that Rob actually has that next Monday off, but it was like $350 to change my reservation. Ridiculous. But anyway, it will still be so nice to spend a weekend together and get to know his new neighborhood!

Reading the last essay in On Booze by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I read this little tidbit from The New York Times in the back of the book and I think it's perfect: "More than any other writer of those times, Fitzgerald had a sense of living in history."

Loving the time I have to spend with my sweet dog. I haven't written about it yet, but Rocky is having quite a few health problems. He's about thirteen years old and I know that like us, dogs don't live forever, but I'm having a hard time with it. I'm trying really hard to take advantage of the time we have by going on walks together and giving him extra kisses and belly scratches.

Looking forward to the weekend! I have no real plans but a big to-do list that includes, but is not limited to taking some photos, writing an article for a magazine, and putting together a Valentine's-themed recipe for next week. Here's to productivity!

What about you? If you write a Currently post, let me know and leave a link in the comments! As always, many thanks to my beautiful blog-friend Dani for inspiring these posts.