A Weekend at Home

This weekend felt a little longer than normal because of the snow we got. I worked from home on Friday and had dinner with a couple of friends, spent a lot of time with my sweet old dog, watched some Mad Men with my dad, actually went to mass with my mom on Sunday followed by coffee and breakfast, did a tiny bit of shopping, and saw Life of Pi in the theater with my parents on Sunday afternoon. That movie is amazing. Now I need to get my hands on the book.

The days were quiet and relaxing and just what I needed to reassure me that not seeing Rob as much on the weekends anymore might not always be great, but it isn't going to be impossible. (By the way, thank you all so much for your love and support in regard to my soon-to-be-even-longer-distance relationship. You guys are the best.)


A few random things for you today:

I wrote an open letter to Rihanna and it's on HelloGiggles.

I'm selling some stuff from my closet here
There are clothes and wallets and bags and jewelry. 
I'll be adding some jeans in the next few days, too!

I'll be making a more formal call for sponsors next week, but I do have openings for February.
You can check it out right here. (The featured ad space is available!)


I hope you have a great Monday!