On New Year's Resolutions

 | Scenes from home this last weekend of 2012. |

I'm not a big New Year's resolution person. I tend to just list things I should have done last week. I'm going to run more. Start being nicer. Oh, and I'm going to drink less coffee. I'm going to read the Bible from cover to cover and figure it out. I'm going to stop spending so much time on the computer. Take my dog for a walk every day. Eat more vegetables. Take my fish oil. Lift weights regularly.

Suddenly, I have an overwhelming list and I don't know where to start. And most of the things aren't even hard. So this year, I want to focus on something specific and big--not just a laundry list of things I should eat and read.

I'm an anxious person a lot of the time. I worry about things that I can't control. So this year, I'm going to worry less. Worry less, and reach out more.

It's simple enough; I need it; and I think I'm going to be a lot better off because of it.

Do you have a New Year's resolution? 
I'm also going to lift weights. (And take fish oil.)


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