Friday Favorites (01)

Happy Friday, friends! This week has been a long one--adapting to long-distance isn't always that fun. I've decided to start sharing some links of things I've loved on the web recently--I always have stuff to share but I never actually share it, so here we are! I'm not really a "feature" person, but I'm hoping to stick with this one. I'd love for you enjoy some of the following as much as I did!

[Always a favorite: this little owl statue on top of a jewelry box in my bedroom. August, 2012.]

This guy came in the mail this week and I'm totally obsessed with him.

I'm digging the general style of Everlane. These tee-shirts look amazing and I can't wait to buy a few for myself. And maybe one for Rob!

This post by Joy the Baker was just beautiful.

I am so, so, so proud of my hometown right now for this. And of my good friend Andy May for shooting the video!

I love this dress and it's on sale but they don't have it in my size! Cripes.

This interesting article about religious pluralism got me really excited to read Eboo Patel's new book. I think he is so smart and inspiring.

Perhaps a little not-safe-for-work, but a hilarious rendition of Call Me Maybe nonetheless. I guess people are still on Chatroulette! I'm laughing just thinking about this video.

Melissa shared this Paleo chocolate chip cookie recipe with me after my post yesterday. She borrowed it from Jenna, and while I'm excited to try the recipe, I mostly just think it's hilarious that there was actually a time when we didn't all know each other.

I'm giving away a medium ad space for September over here!


I'm off to Tyson's Corner after work today to spend the weekend with Rob. I can't wait to see that guy! What are your plans? Have a great one!