Adventures in the Box | On CrossFit

There are several things that I never imagined I'd ever say before going Paleo. One of them is "This salad could really use some bacon." Another is "We'll just take one more order of chorizo" when asked if I'd like to order some dessert, and finally,"I'm free after CrossFit," or really anything that involves me doing a pull-up or putting weight on a bar. 

I have been a runner for almost a decade. It changed my life, and it is in my bones, and I will always identify as a runner. I was on an amazing team with amazing people and running changed my high school experience for me, and then I went to college and running got me through a lot of that, too. I still run with some of my girlfriends from cross-country, but we mostly do it to catch up and have a chance to talk in the midst of our busy lives. So running has turned from what was a team sport to me into a mostly individual thing--something I do with my iPod or an early morning mist. I love what it has become, but there was something missing from my recent exercise experience. 

It was motivation, and I've found it.

The things I love about CrossFit are the same things that I first loved about running. This is also a team, and, like my old one, we're tied together by incredibly specific things. My cross-country team's Pasta Parties have been replaced by CrossFit's endorsement of Paleo. My wonderful friends might not be in the gym every morning with me, but there are plenty of amazing people there to cheer me on when I feel like quitting. 

Most importantly, I have never felt stronger; never more aware of the potential that lies within my body. And the compliments I've received in just three weeks about the looks of my arms and shoulders? Well, those help, too.

Every day, CrossFit reminds me of where I came from, and encourages me to get to where I'm going.