Life Lately According to Instagram

The internet at the lake isn't exactly the most advanced. I've been feeling a bit disconnected, which used to stress me out, but I have to tell you, when you're where I am right now, it's really not too bad. Some days I only turn my computer on to chat with Rob or work on my paper, and that's fine with me.

Here's some of what I've been up to lately:

1. Iced coffee and reading at Mill Mountain.
2. Trying to make water more fun by adding fruit and herbs to it.
3. Self-portraits? Sure!
4. More reading. This book ended up being unhelpful but is so lovely.
5. Hanging out by the pool.
6. Afternoon espresso. Love those baby cups.

I've also been working my ass off at CrossFit this week, but you don't get a picture of that because it happens early in the morning and then I get really sweaty.

You can follow along on Instagram if you want! My username is @megan_flynn.