Wishing You an Unplugged Weekend

[Centerpiece on my parents' table, taken March 2012.]

I like to go to coffee shops by myself.

I like to order a drink, find a place, set my stuff up, and sit. Then I like to see how long I can go without connecting to the shop's wireless internet. I sip. Look around. Write a few real lines in a notebook. Read a few real pages in a book. Sip.

Sometimes I feel too connected. I get headaches from my computer. I sit in front of a screen for a few too many hours each day. I check my phone obsessively. I find myself turning the thing over every now and then so I can't see the green notification light, just to prove to myself that I don't need to know whether I have an email or not.

This weekend, I'm staying put for once in what feels like a very long time. I'm going to have lunch with friends, and write things down on paper, and sleep in on Sunday and make a big breakfast. And maybe see how long I can stay away from my computer.

Wishing you some of the same. See you Monday.