Weekend in Photos // Home

Charlottesville hasn't really felt like home yet. It's where we live, and we've been here for eight months, but I still refer to my parents' house at the lake as "home." Rob and I go away a lot on the weekends. But this weekend, we stayed put.

We hung out with friends both old and new. We sat outside for afternoon drinks. I ended up with a fever on Saturday, and spent most of the evening in bed. We had Chinese takeout delivered, we ate in bed, we went out for a very non-Paleo milkshake that my sore throat and I just had to have. And when I woke up on Sunday morning, I made coffee, picked some flowers for myself from a bush in our little yard, and sat down at my computer to work, really feeling like I was at home.

Sweet Deidre. We have brunch together every Friday.

And Anita. Fellow barista and member of the Friday Brunch Club. 

Hangar Hound for me: vodka and a fresh squeezed grapefruit. 

Moonshine Punch for the girls. Don't ask me what's in it, all I know is that it comes in a jar with blood oranges. 

Stephen (left) was in town for the weekend. Rob has a strange shadow on his face. 

Steamed veggies and chicken with garlic sauce for one pitiful girl. 

I can't wait for this bush to fully bloom. 

Earrings c/o Found by Marie

Blackberry Italian Soda on a Sunday afternoon. 

My dear friend Patrick (who just got into grad school!!), looking dapper as always.

Charlottesville is a temporary home for me and Rob, but I think it's been pretty good to us so far.