Weekend in Photos // Easter

I got all stressed out and dramatic about leaving that SD card in Roanoke, so my parents, knowing how much my blog means to me, went out of their way to go home and get it, then bring it to their office as soon as possible and have the photos emailed to me. What wonderful people.

This afternoon, I started going through all of them and realized that I have not even one photo of either of my parents from this weekend. What a terrible daughter! I'm sorry, Mom and Dad. Thank you for everything you do for me. How I love you!


Any holiday at home with my family is just magical. This was no different.

The dishes we use for Easter are my favorites.

The girls--my cute cousin, Macarena (left) and my brother's sweet girlfriend, Alisha (right).


Bloody Mary

Deviled Eggs

The boys--Rob, our childhood friend/Rob's old roommate Stephen, and Sean.


Easter brunchin'.

Sean and Alisha

Hope you had a joyful holiday weekend! Best wishes for a happy Easter season.