Finishing Off January with a Little Spring

Any time there's a shift in the weather, I find myself longing for my undergraduate life. The way that an afternoon spent in warm sunlight makes my skin smell is enough to send me into a daydreaming spiral of nostalgia. I just want it to be socially acceptable for me to be reading books on a deadline and talking about them in a classroom all the time. And live in a library.

When I was living in Roanoke last year, these days would make me feel so blue. But this past week of warm days has made me really grateful to live so close to the University of Virginia. I just walk around and get some coffee, and when I get home I'm inspired to sit down and work on my thesis. It's been a sunny, happy past few days, and really, my only concern is that I'm going to have to reside in college towns for the rest of my life. We'll see.

My friend Patrick and I spent the afternoon walking from our neighborhood over to The Corner, stopping by The Lawn to let his little dog explore. We ended our walk at Para for iced chai lattes and I learned that they have homemade almond milk! We sat outside and talked for a while.

Goodbye, January.

Sometimes I think I could get used to this.