Travel Tips: How I Pack for a Trip

Travel Tips: How I Pack | Freckled Italian

The other day I posted this photo on Instagram and had a couple people reach out to me with questions about how I pack for a trip, so I thought it'd be fun to do a blog post about it! I usually save packing for the last minute, but I do enjoy it and with all the traveling I've done over the years I think I've gotten pretty good at it.

Here are my tips and tricks for packing a versatile wardrobe without lugging a bunch of stuff around with you:

  • I generally do two carry-on bags because I hate to wait for baggage claim. One is a black suitcase that rolls (similar to this one) and the other is my grey Everlane backpack.
  • Clothes I pack in my suitcase for a week:
    • A casual black dress like this one that can be dressed up or down (usually I travel in this since it's so comfortable and then pair it with boots and some jewelry for a night out during the trip).
    • Two pairs of skinny jeans (usually one light and one dark) and one pair of pants that aren't jeans (this time I brought a green pair of these chinos from J.Crew, shown here). I also always pack a pair or two of black leggings to hang out in or wear in the mornings to pop out for coffee. (I always pack them and say I'm going to work out when I'm out of town but that rarely happens.)
    • Four or five tops, usually Everlane or J.Crew tees and a tank top or two.
    • One sweater and/or one light jacket.
    • One scarf, if it's chilly.
    • Two pairs of shoes: flat sandals and wedges or boots. Sometimes I'll sneak a pair of Converse or other tennis shoes in there if I have room. 
  • Stuff I carry in my backpack:
    • Laptop
    • Wallet
    • Book(s)
    • Headphones
    • Liquids: usually just perfume and toothpaste. I always forget to buy travel-size hairspray and dry shampoo so I usually buy that stuff once I land.
  • My makeup goes in my larger suitcase and I usually pack a purse--either this one or this one. Once I get to my destination I take my purse out and carry my wallet in it. (This way I don't have to use my purse as one of my carry-on bags.)

That's about it! At the risk of being boring (I guess that's just my style), most of my clothes are solid colors and generally neutral, so everything I pack is easily mixed and matched. It's so much easier to pack when you know you'll be able to put outfits together but don't actually have to plan them ahead of time.

Let me know if you have any other questions; and if you have a packing routine you love, I want to hear it!

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