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The Return of Hello, Butter
Hello, Butter Podcast

Lately some of you have been asking about the podcast my friend Jenna and I started a few months ago, and I realized how much I've missed it. Life has been so crazy for both of us, and Jenna is still taking a break from both the podcast and The Eighty Twenty, but I'm ready to get back to recording new episodes of Hello, Butter, so for now we've decided that I'm going to go ahead with it on my own.

So, what does the future of Hello, Butter look like (or, I guess...sound like)? I want to keep the conversational tone that Jenna and I had, so I'd love to have guest hosts on regularly. If you have a topic or a question or someone in mind for me to talk to (yourself included!), please send me an email or leave a comment and let me know! 

Rob is building a new site where all of the episodes will live, and as requested we're going to be on iTunes ASAP for your convenience (I know I don't listen to podcasts unless I can easily download them via my app as well, so I'm with you all there). Until then, though, I'm putting all of the episodes we've already published in this blog post so you can re-listen and even download them to your computers or phones.

Whether you've listened before or not, I hope you enjoy! And please feel free to let me know anytime if you have suggestions, criticism, ideas, or questions.

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