This is a Post About a Sale

Gap Sale | Freckled Italian

I’m not usually one to get excited about sales online and especially not in stores, but earlier this week I was putting together a very short list of things I might need for fall and winter (a rain jacket, a hat) and realized that Gap was having a pretty awesome sale. Watching Sophie grow so rapidly these past 9 months has me pretty much refusing to pay full-price for any of her clothes, so I decided to buy a few things for her own little fall and winter wardrobe! Now I’m even more excited about autumn’s arrival and daydreaming about what she might wear for her birthday and Thanksgiving.

There’s tons of stuff on sale (I have my eye on these joggers), I just went a little crazy on the baby stuff. Here’s what I got for Sophie (and a couple of things I wish I had grabbed…although there’s still time):

  • The hat that started it all—I kept thinking it would be so cute to get Sophie a pom pom hat for the winter and this is the one I got.

  • I ordered three of these little onesies: the polka dot one you see below, a striped one, and a really pretty yellow color that I loved.

  • I didn’t get this dress because they don’t have the size we need but holy cow did I love it. If one of you has a younger baby please get it and send me a picture so I can live vicariously through you.

  • Sweet little denim joggers. I mean, come on.

  • Sophie has a pair of lighter overalls that she wore this summer, but I love these darker ones for fall and winter (probably paired with one of the long-sleeved onesies!).

  • Another hat—this one I found after I placed my order and am wondering if it’s worth ordering on its own and paying for shipping. What do you think?

The sale goes through the 15th, just make sure to use the code COZY at checkout! Like I said, I don’t usually post about sales like this but I texted enough friends about it that I figured I might as well share on the blog, too!

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