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Looking Back on Our Engagement

It was two years ago to the day, and we were walking around downtown Roanoke. A Monday. Rob was home from Minnesota to walk at UVA's graduation, and I had taken a few days off to spend with him. It was hot, and I was wearing my favorite jeans and a light green tank top and these brown strappy sandals with little studs all over them. We had plans to get lunch at one of our favorite spots downtown, and Rob was taking some photos for my blog, and I was being uncooperative.

"Let's just go eat," I said irritably--unable to focus, distracted by the promise of Pad Thai.

He had a plan, and it was a cute one--to get me to walk away long enough to take a photo of something he had in his pocket, so that when I flipped through the shots he had taken, I'd come across it. But I was contrary and annoying in my hunger and kept pushing him toward the restaurant. "We can take pictures later! Let's eat."

We were standing near the fountain on the market when finally he stopped me, letting out an exasperated "Megan!" 

And I said "What?"

And then he got down on one knee and pulled out a ring. "Will you marry me?"

We kissed and laughed and walked down the sidewalk while family members and friends came out of hiding spots to hug us. "Wait, did you say yes?" he laughed, phone to his ear as he was telling someone the news. It all happened so fast that I think I said "Is this for real?" instead of "Of course I'll marry you!" 

And then everyone left, and it was just the two of us, and the sky cracked open and big, loud, spring rain came pouring down, splashing back up from the concrete. So we stood in the middle of the street and made out in the rain. And I finally forgot about the Pad Thai.

Sometimes I still can't believe the beautiful life we're building.

Life is short. Let's celebrate all of it.

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My Roanoke Bridal Shower

As you might already have noticed, Rob and I I went to Virginia last weekend to pick up our marriage license and so that I could go to a lovely bridal shower thrown for me by some of my mom's sweet friends. It took place next door to my parents' house and everyone had the best time. It was a beautiful day to be at Smith Mountain Lake, I got to wear a fun dress, the food was fantastic, and La Crema sent us some of their delicious new rosé to enjoy with our guests.

It was so nice to spend time with some of my girlfriends, as well as Rob's mom and aunts, who traveled from all over to be there. We had a fun Bloody Mary bar and the rosé was a hit, too--it really is a wonderful, special choice for a celebration. Look for it later this spring! You won't want to miss it.

Click through the gallery below for more photos!

This post is sponsored by La Crema. Thank you for your support as I continue to work with such wonderful brands.

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What I Wore 33: April (Bridal) Showers

I have to say that I've really missed What I Wore this winter. Five posts in five months was kind of pathetic, but then again, the winter was kind of brutal. And long. I think we might be back to more regularly scheduled style posts, which I'm happy about because I really like them! I hope you do too.

I totally didn't mean to get a new dress for every wedding-related activity, but slowly and surely my collection of white dresses has grown over the past eleven months. As it turns out, I don't mind at all.

Erica Dress by Newport News: c/o Spiegel

Belt: J.Crew (borrowed from my mom)

Shoes (similar): J.Crew (gift from my brother)

Watch: Michael Kors (gift from Rob)

Bracelet: Kate Spade (gift from my friend, Raquel)

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