A Year and a Half of Ender

A Year and a Half of Ender | Freckled Italian

I stopped doing monthly puppy updates after a year of having Ender, but the past month of Rob traveling has been really interesting--I didn't think I could get any closer to this pup but sure enough I feel like I know him even better now than I did in June. Since we're approaching a year and a half since his adoption date, I thought it'd be fun to pop in and do a little documenting.

  • Weighs 51-52 pounds but looks like he's about to go through a growth spurt--is that a thing?
  • Loves our backyard and can't believe we ever lived in an apartment.
  • Will be two years old in November. Goodness gracious.
  • Is getting a lot better at riding in the car. As long as we're going somewhere in town, he'll usually just sit in the back seat and look out the window, but after a while he gets anxious so for the most part if we're traveling we use the crate.
  • Is obsessed with sunbathing and likes to lay out until he can't stand it anymore and then come inside and throw himself on the cool kitchen floor.
  • Eats veggies instead of dog treats. His favorites are cucumber, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, and carrots. He's a weird one.
  • Got really scared during a thunderstorm the other day so I swaddled him tightly in a blanket and held him like a baby. It did the trick.
  • Will sometimes bring one of his bones over to me and start chewing on it when I take it from him. This means he wants me to hold it for him. So spoiled.
  • Has his own Instagram even though at one point I said "never." Never say never, people!