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A Weekend in Richmond

Rob and I met in Richmond on Friday night and spent the weekend hanging out with my friend Tina and her boyfriend, Michael. We went to my brother's show on Friday night, did some adventuring, lots of cooking, and even more lying around. On Sunday, Rob and I met my college roommate, Caroline, for some brunch and a couple Bloody Marys.

Traveling almost every weekend is really hard sometimes, but it's nice to have such good friends scattered all over the place--there's always somewhere that almost feels like home.
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Want to Hang Out with Me in January?
Attention, all friends and readers within driving distance of Richmond, Virginia! My brother's band, She's a Legend, is headlining a show in Richmond on January 11th. Rob and I are going to be there and I'd love it if you could come and say hi!

Tickets are $8, unless you order them on The Canal Club's online ticket center, and then for some reason they're $11, so just send me an email if you'd like to purchase some and we can set you up! 
You can also get them at the door on the night of the show for $10.

Take a listen and learn more about She's a Legend here.
And let me know if you plan to come in January!
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Twenty-Four Hours in Richmond

Rob and I met in Richmond on Saturday night, and while one night and the breakfast, lunch, coffee, and dinner that followed wasn't really enough time to take in the city and all the people we love who live there, it was better than nothing.

A quiet night, early breakfast, laid-back morning complete with a random viewing of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, a couple Bloody Marys with my old college roommate and her fiance, and a quick chat on the couch in my friend Tina's apartment later, Rob and I were ready for a coffee break and a walk around Short Pump before grabbing some Thai food for dinner.

Kind of a whirlwind, but again, this long-distance thing is quickly teaching us that some is better than nothing.

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