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Weekend in Photos // A Visit from Sean
Sean's four and a half days here have flown by so incredibly fast--I can't believe he's heading back to Virginia this afternoon. I thought I took a bunch of photos, but they're mostly of food, which I guess is to be expected. We also went snowshoeing, explored Minnehaha falls, and watched the Olympics and Parks and Rec like it was going out of style. Rob and Sean are such good friends and it's the most wonderful thing in the world to see.

It's been a great long weekend, and now I'm so anxious to get back to Virginia in March to spend a week at home before my DC bachelorette weekend with all of my best girlfriends! But before that happens, we have another brother visit this coming weekend--Rob's brother, Sam is coming in on Thursday night! So I'll most likely have another weekend recap again next Monday. Until then, here's a look at the past few days around here with Sean.



How was your weekend?
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Happy Birthday, Sean
Today is my brother's birthday. He's 22!

Sean, you're the best brother and a wonderful friend. I couldn't have asked for a better sibling in life.
And as always, I'm just really proud of you. You are strong and smart and loving and good.

Happy birthday, brother! I love you so much.
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Weekend in Photos // More Graduation
Happy Monday! What a full weekend this has been--we started on Saturday morning by getting ready for guests to arrive that afternoon for Sean's graduation party. My friend Tina came with her boyfriend and their little puppy and we had so much fun. Tina is one of my best friends but we just never get to see each other. I'm so glad she's starting a summer position at a law firm in town today so we'll have almost two full months for coffee and lunch dates.

After the party Rob and I headed to Charlotteville for UVA's graduation, where he would walk and make his master's official. We were driving back home last night and we talked about how some weekends require another weekend just to catch up on sleep and relax from so many festivities, and this was one of them. Luckily the two of us both took today and tomorrow off of work, so we'll be hanging out at home, going out to lunch with some more friends, and finally seeing The Great Gatsby tonight! But until then, here are photos from the weekend.

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