Currently | Freckled Italian

Feeling ready for fall. I know, I know. I can’t help it though—I’m ready for cooler weather pretty much as soon as the 4th of July rolls around. Like many people in the Bay Area, we don’t have central AC so the few hot days we do get are kind of brutal. We have window units in the bedrooms so it’s not the worst, but it definitely gets me dreaming of sweaters and boots when I’m sweating my ass off through most of July and August.

Eating so much rice! We got a pressure cooker, which I’ve always been kind of intimidated by, but as soon as I started messing with it I became obsessed and now pretty much cook everything in it. (As usual, I’m about a year and a half behind most trends.) I like just plain rice with a ton of kimchi on it when I’m not in the mood to cook, but another thing I’ve been making lately are these Greek chicken rice bowls, which I’ll definitely write up a recipe for and share here soon.

Reading Searching for Sunday (affiliate link) by Rachel Held Evans. What a beautiful book. I unfortunately only learned of her work right before she passed away, but reading her words makes it feel like she’s sitting right here next to me.

Watching all the Disney movies. After my master’s thesis I really didn’t watch any Disney stuff again until just recently, but then I discovered a new-to-me podcast which I am currently obsessed with (see “Listening to” below).

Listening to Inside the Disney Vault. Oh my goodness. This podcast is hilarious and so smart. The hosts watch every Disney animated movie in chronological order and then talk about each one. They make such great observations and know all kinds of trivia about each film, and they are all so funny as well. I have been laughing out loud to every episode so far (Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Mulan, and I’m currently listening to the Moana episode). If you’re a Disney fan (or maybe if you’re not a Disney fan), you should check it out.

Thinking about “living” life online…I’ve been taking an intentional break from Instagram and I suppose an unintentional one from this blog lately. For years I spent so much time thinking about traffic and algorithms and photo opportunities and what would do “well” in these online spaces, and over time I finally just got burned out. I’m so thankful for this blog and the Internet in general because it’s been amazing to earn an income from brand collaborations and even my cookbook projects, which wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for this online “home” of mine, but lately it’s all been feeling a bit inauthentic to me so I thought it’d be best to step back for a bit. I want to get back to writing what’s on my mind and sharing photos without obsessing over every little detail. I just finished writing another cookbook so I also hope to get back to sharing my recipes here more regularly, because that really has become a passion of mine over the years. Food and words—and less other stuff.

Looking forward to some trips we have planned—we decided not to travel back to the east coast for a while after the wedding we just went to earlier this month because that 5 hour flight with a toddler is a lot, but we have a road trip to Oregon for another family wedding coming up, and after that I’m actually going to New Orleans for a weekend with one of my college roommates in September. Then we’re taking Sophie to Minneapolis in October, where my mom will actually meet us for a few days. And then I’m looking forward to staying put for Thanksgiving and Christmas—can you believe I’m already thinking about the holidays? I literally started planning a Thanksgiving menu the other day. What can I say, I’m ready.