Friday Favorites (86)

Friday Favorites | Freckled Italian

Happy Friday! It’s been a gloomy few days here in the Bay Area but today is supposed to be clear before a weekend of more rain, so I’m excited to get out and do a few things this afternoon with Sophie. Before I sign off for the weekend, I wanted to share a few links since it’s been a while since I did a Friday Favorites post!

  • This spicy cashew dressing is AMAZING. I made it yesterday thinking it would last and I basically ate all of it standing at the counter (I dipped cucumbers into it and yes, I also licked the bowl). I also want to make this salad soon.

  • I bought this shirt the other day and wasn’t super sure about it, but then I tried it on again and sent a picture to two of my best friends who convinced me to keep it. After sharing it on Instagram Stories yesterday, so many people asked about it so I thought I’d link it here—it is seriously cute and I’m glad I decided to hold on to it! (I also ordered this dress in peach but it matched my skin exactly and was bizarre so I sent that one back.)

  • This is an old article, but an interesting one considering what’s going on in Georgia and Alabama recently.

  • Game of Thrones spoiler alert! I thought this piece perfectly captured how I felt after last week’s episode.

  • Just a quick moment of self-promotion and a sale for funsies: grab my Monetize Your Blog e-book at half price this weekend with the code HALFPRICEWEEKEND (That comes out to a grand total of 9 bucks.) I also sent out my newsletter (it’s less news and more of a letter) yesterday, so if you want to read that and receive future ones make sure to subscribe here.

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