Monetize Your Blog | A Freckled Italian E-Book

Over the past few years I’ve gotten several requests to write a short e-book about monetizing a blog, so I finally decided to do it! I used to love teaching a class on this for SkillPop when I lived in Charlotte, and every time I taught it people not local to North Carolina would ask if there was a way they could access it.

Now there is!

I had a lot of fun writing down everything I’ve learned over the years about making money blogging, and I hope you find it useful if it’s something you’re interested in! Let me know if you have any questions—as always I really love hearing from you guys!

Monetize Your Blog: An E-Book

Everything you ever wanted to know about how to make money blogging, including how Freckled Italian began as a hobby and eventually became a source of income. From site design and content to creating a media kit and how to pitch an idea to a potential sponsor, this e-book covers everything you need to know to start making money with your blog.

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Sophie and I are off to London to meet Rob (he’s there already for work) on Sunday, so I’ll be a little absent from the blog for the next week and a half or so. I’m hoping to still post on Instagram a bit while out of the country, so definitely follow me there if you’d like to tag along on our adventure!