Five Things I Never Did Until I Had a Baby

Five Things I Never Did Until I Had a Baby | Freckled Italian

Before I had a kid, I never…

  1. Googled if a baby counts as a passenger in the carpool lane. 

  2. Peeled and cut a grape.

  3. Wished my husband had boobs.

  4. Wondered if a a baby would choke on a chocolate chip or would it just melt? (Not that I’ve ever stuffed chocolate chips into my mouth while holding my sleeping infant and dropped a handful onto their face…that would be ridiculous.)

  5. Used my teeth to trim someone’s nails.

And now, a few from you guys:

  • “Went to the bathroom at EVERY store.”

  • “Peed while wearing a person.”—I relate to this one too much.

  • “Went so long without washing my hair.”—Amen.

  • “Paid so much attention to the color and consistency of poop.”

  • “Realized that men’s bathrooms don’t usually have changing stations…dads change babies too!”—This drives me nuts!

  • “Washed my hands 30 times a day!”

  • “Thought I’d be willing to suck snot from someone else’s nostrils through a short tube.”

  • “Peed with an audience.”

  • “Felt a weird camaraderie and affection for complete and total strangers…i.e. when I see a woman with similar age babies out and about…I know her day is most likely extremely similar to mine.”—I thought about this the other day when I was pushing a shopping cart with Sophie in it through the parking lot; a woman with a newborn looked at me and said “I’m ready for that stage!” and I knew exactly what she meant.

  • “Tic tac toed out of a bedroom trying to avoid the squeaky floorboards!”—Every night.

  • “Scooped poop out of the bathtub with my bare hand.”

Any others? Thanks to everyone who responded to my Instagram Story yesterday! I absolutely loved reading all of your answers.