And We're Back

And We're Back | Freckled Italian

Happy Monday! We are finally moved in to the new house and although we still have some unpacking to do, it's really starting to feel like home already.

Sophie is in her own room for naps and at night and she is already sleeping better, our kitchen is more open and has so much storage, and we just have a lot more room in general to get comfortable and relax together as a family. I'm excited to finish unpacking and find new places for all of our things--one of my favorite parts of moving.

I'm also looking forward to posting regularly again, a new site design in the coming weeks, and just generally finding some inspiration again to share in this space. I'd love to hear from you if you have any post requests (my to-do list as of now now consists of a baby food/starting solids post and a few recipes)--just leave a comment or shoot me an email.

Hope you've all been well, friends! Thanks for bearing with me through this move! I'm so happy to be back.