Reader Favorites: Greener Cleaning Products

Greener Cleaning Products | Freckled Italian

The other day I mentioned on Instagram Stories that I was trying to swap out some of my conventional cleaning products for ones that were a little greener--I was cleaning our master bathroom and about to put Sophie down for a nap (she sleeps in our bedroom still) and I was suddenly very aware of how chemical-y and harsh the spray I was using smelled.

As usual, I asked you guys for your favorite products and I got a ton of great recommendations! A lot of you asked me to share them, and since I haven't been able to try them all out yet I thought I might as well go ahead and share the ones that came up most often so you could also get started on finding some better brands, if you're interested.

You can click through the widget above, but here are the links as well:

What are some of your favorite, more natural cleaning products for your home? I'm not trying to make my own or go 100% natural (whatever that means!), but I am really interested in cutting down on some of the more toxic ingredients in my cleaning products (and hair and makeup products as well, but that's another post) now that Sophie is starting to crawl around and put everything in her mouth! I'd love to hear what you use, so let me know!

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