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Current Beauty Favorites | Freckled Italian

I'll be honest--I'm not usually very picky about what I put on my face, whether it's moisturizer or makeup. But I'm turning 30 this year so I've started wondering if maybe my skin care/beauty routine could use a little update. I just hate buying new products! It feels like such a commitment to me especially when with a baby, I'm forgetting to wash my face at least twice a week (and generally not even wearing makeup anyway).

My friend Shawna sent me a three month Birchbox for my birthday last year and I'm still loving a few of the products (I didn't realize you could customize what kind of stuff they sent you, so I skipped fragrances and a few other things and instead chose to focus on skincare, makeup, and hair products), so I thought I'd do a little roundup of a few products I got from them and a few skincare things I'm loving lately.

  • I've written about this toner before, but I'm still obsessed. It's so cheap but it feels amazing on my skin. I use it every night after I wash my face and before I moisturize. So good.
  • I use the regular Pond's moisturizer most of the time, but I had a sample of this stuff and I think I'm going to get a full size--it gives you just enough of a tingle to feel like maybe you're having an anti-aging moment (JVN from Queer Eye, anyone?), but it's still super moisturizing and feels great on.
  • One of my BirchBox favorites--I love liquid eyeliner so much and this stuff is great. I usually use a brush but this one is more like a felt-tip pen and it goes on super easily and dries right away. It also has a matte finish which I used to not care for but now I really like.
  • I'm a sucker for cheap mascara. Usually I go for this one, but lately I've been using this. It feels super elastic on my lashes, if that makes sense--it makes them really voluminous and not at all flaky. It's a little harder to get off than my usual mascara but I think it wears better. (I'm still toying with the idea of getting eyelash extensions--anyone have them? I'd love to hear your thoughts!)
  • I've always used the Mario Badescu rose spray, but a few months ago I got this one for our guest bathroom and I've been using it myself every day. I like the fresh scent so much--now I don't know which is my favorite!
  • I saved the best for last: this highlighter is everything! I've been using a powder highlighter for years but I am all about this liquid one. It is gorgeous on and it smells amazing--definitely a BirchBox sample that I'm going to buy in the full size. I love it so much.

That's all for me right now! If you have a skin care regimen that you love, I want to hear about it! And tell me about your favorite makeup products! I always feel like I'm set but then when I find something new that's great I always wonder how I went so long without it! 

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