Currently | Freckled Italian

Feeling a little overwhelmed--in many ways I feel like I have this motherhood thing under control, but then sometimes I feel like everything else is falling apart a little bit. Our house is usually a mess, there's a never-ending basket of laundry that needs to be folded, and last week went by without so much as a blog post. I'm not sure how some of you seem to do it all! I'm trying to be patient with myself but it's easier said than done. Last night Rob sweetly reminded me that it's only been 3 months and we're only going to get better at this whole life-work-baby-dog juggling thing.

Eating everything in sight, mainly a huge vat of trail mix I randomly felt compelled to buy at Target the other day. We've also been very committed to our weekly Sunday In N Out dinner, which has become one of my favorite little family traditions.

Drinking so much water. I've been dehydrated my whole life I think, but since I started nursing Sophie I've been really good about drinking more than enough water. It's kind of crazy how easy it is to take care of yourself when you have to do it for someone else.

Watching Queer Eye and Downton Abbey. I bailed on Mrs. Maizel but might pick it up again soon. Luckily my TV consumption has gone down a bit as Sophie has gotten older and I'm not constantly nursing her anymore (although we do still spend a good chunk of our day on the couch together).

Thinking about Pure Barre choreography. I'm going to start teaching again in April and can't wait to get back on the mic! I've been able to take class 1-2 times a week lately and it's been so nice to be in the studio again.

Looking forward to a visit from my mom next month. She'll be here for a long weekend and I am so excited. She hasn't been here since December and it's really strange for me to be raising Sophie without her. We've definitely been utilizing FaceTime these past few months.

What's new with you these days? I'm doing my best to keep posting here regularly but sometimes it just doesn't happen. I do love hearing from you here and on Instagram, and if you've sent me an email recently I promise I'm not ignoring you! Thanks so much for bearing with me as I continue to navigate this transition--I have a feeling it's going to be a long one.

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