Sentences | Freckled Italian

Rob and I just signed the lease on a new-to-us house that we're really excited about. There was another one that we thought we were getting and it was newly renovated and gorgeous and the kitchen was like something out of a dream (or a Pinterest board). When it ended up not working out I cried in the car (luckily we were on the way to Whole Foods in search of "a slice of cake" cravings lately have not been super specific). But then this other one presented itself and the kitchen isn't nearly as Instagram-worthy but it's cozy and big and has fruit trees in the backyard, which is fenced in and just perfect for Ender to run around. It also happens to be cheaper than the place we're in now and I can already picture our little family there this winter. I'm so excited about having visitors come stay with us after the baby arrives. We leave for a long trip to Virginia on Friday and when we come back we'll start moving in and getting settled!

Yesterday I had a mile-long to-do list and the car wouldn't start. I ended up Ubering around a few places to at least get a few things done that were time-sensitive, but it was so frustrating. Doesn't it always seem like things only go wrong when you really need them to go right? Luckily it was just a dead battery and I got a jump, but I went to bed last night crossing my fingers that we don't need to replace the battery before Friday because today and tomorrow are busy as well.

I can't believe August is almost over. This summer (the whole year, really) has just flown by--wasn't it just February the other day?

I've been thinking a lot about my college days this week as students have returned to campus, some for the very first time. I remember the uncertainty, the fear and excitement, the not-so-great dining hall food and cheap beer at questionable frat houses. I had such an amazing college experience and feel so lucky to have made truly wonderful friendships there. I get to see my roommates this weekend at my baby shower and it kind of feels like it's all coming full circle in a way I just wasn't expecting it to. I actually think Rob and I are going to stop in Farmville on our way to Richmond next week and walk around our respective campuses, even if just to take a minute to acknowledge the magical place where our story began.