Working on My Capsule Wardrobe (+ a J.Crew Factory SALE)

Working on My Capsule Wardrobe | Freckled Italian

Rob had the day off yesterday, so we spent a big chunk of our afternoon going through the closet in our bedroom and finally getting rid of all the clothes we don't wear anymore. It's taken me so long to commit to actually getting rid of stuff, and I thought my "no shopping until I purge the closet" rule was helping, but it turns out I'm cool with not shopping as long as it means I don't have to clean.

So anyway, Rob was buying new jeans online Saturday night and noticed that J.Crew was having a pretty huge sale (50% off everything), so we added bought a few staples for the wardrobe I want, but don't necessarily have yet--I know a lot of it is in my closet already, I just had to get rid of the pieces I don't use anymore. 

But I found that buying a few new things actually inspired me to get rid of the old stuff! Just a little piece of advice if you want to simplify your wardrobe but can't seem to get started: go ahead and buy one or two pieces you really like and think you'll use a lot, then use that little spark of excitement to inspire a real closet clean-out, once and for all. It seems counterintuitive to buy new things when you have plenty of old ones that still "work" (especially because I kept telling myself that I'd get new stuff after I got rid of the old stuff), but I guess I just needed that last little push.

I only purchased four new things, but the sale is still going on through today, so I thought I'd share what I got, plus a few other pieces I still have my eye on. Spoiler alert: almost everything is black or grey. The more I really hone in on my personal style, the more I realize it's just a whole lot of neutrals. I kept a few colored dresses and tops because a pop of color here and there can be crucial, especially in the spring and summer; but overall I prefer to stick with black, white, grey, and the occasional shade of nude.

  • I got these shorts in navy blue and I'm excited about them, even though I'm a little nervous because I tend to be super picky about shorts. I really only have one pair that I actually like, but they're similar to these in a lot of ways so I'm hoping they work out.
  • You just can't beat a classic v-neck tee. I got it in white and grey, because they're $9.50 each. 
  • I didn't get this but I feel like it's the perfect hat for spring and summer.
  • Aren't these earrings the cutest? I like that they're simple but kind of unique, so you could easily dress them up or down (having super versatile accessories seems like a really easy way to pare down your wardrobe).
  • I didn't see this skirt at first when we were checking everything out, but I might have to place another order because it looks really cute and super comfortable.
  • Pretty little flats under $60. I could really use a new pair of flats--I can't remember the last time I owned any.
  • These are my dream heels--chunky and classic enough to wear with everything--they'd look great with jeans, but could easily be dressed up with a pencil skirt or a dress. I have a similar pair made of leather so I didn't buy these, but the suede is just too cute!
  • Really excited about these sunglasses. The pair I bought a few months ago on Zappos already broke and I was so bummed.
  • I think I'm going to wear this tank top all the time--it's reversible so you can switch it up between v-neck and scoopneck. Two tanks for less than $10? I'll take it!

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What's in your closet right now? Are you getting rid of anything before spring rolls around?


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