What I've Been Up to Lately

What I've Been Up to Lately | Freckled Italian

Happy Wednesday! My mom got here on Friday and it's been so nice having her here to help us out with keeping the house clean and the laundry under control (plus she's gotten lots of Sophie snuggles in while I've been able to take a few naps).

Life is looking so different already, so I thought I'd share a list of what I've been up to lately:

  • Going to bed as early as possible--Rob takes Sophie from about 9 PM until she wakes up screaming to be fed between midnight and 1 AM, which means I get 3 uninterrupted hours of sleep before we're up every few hours with her. I never thought I'd be so thankful for such a tiny amount of shut-eye, but I really am.
  • Making lattes every morning, sometimes as early as 5:30 AM. Sophie and I are morning people, what can I say? (Although I think at this point she's both a morning person and a night owl.)
  • Not walking Ender as much as I thought we would--I'm having some really terrible back and hip pain which is making getting around a real challenge. The past few days I've been spending as much time on the couch as I can.
  • Feeling ridiculously thankful for Rob's incredible family benefits and lengthy paternity leave.
  • Becoming really good friends with my breast pump--I had no idea making bottles would be so satisfying (especially because it means Rob can feed the baby while I snooze a little longer).
  • Cruising through a few new-to-me shows on Netflix in the middle of the night: Friends from College and The Big Family Cooking Showdown.
  • So. Much. Laundry.

That's it for now! What have you been up to lately? Hope things are going well for all of you out in the real world!