The Best Thing I Bought in 2016 (and a Announcement!)

Spiralized Carrot Salad | Freckled Italian

I was invited to take part in a blog link-up today, and when I learned what the topic was going to be, I got even more excited--what was the best thing you bought in 2016? My answer actually comes with an announcement, so stick with me here for a minute.

The answer was easy: my spiralizer, 100%.

I've had a little hand-held one for a while, but last year I finally committed to a full-size, counter-top spiralizer with clamps to hold it down and a handle that makes it easy to turn almost any vegetable into noodles. I love making zoodles but lately I've been branching out from my usual zucchini routine and coming up with carrot, cucumber, sweet potato, and even turnip noodle recipes. Substituting vegetables for noodles is my favorite way to satisfy pasta cravings while sticking to a Paleo diet. If you make veggie noodles regularly, I want to know! 

I put together a collection of spiral veggie slicers in a range of prices and models in case you're in the mood to shop around for one! Feel free to click through the photos to get to the page, or you can find a complete list underneath the widget.

And now for the announcement!

If you read this post in December, you might remember that I mentioned that I'm working on my second cookbook. It's been so fun and I'm truly thrilled to be sharing more information about it now! It's kind of a sequel to The Big 15 Paleo Cookbook in the way it's set up: there will be 10 chapters this time, each focusing on a different main ingredient, and every recipe is a veggie noodle recipe! There are soups, salads, snacks and appetizers, main courses; everything is Paleo and I incorporated lots of vegetarian, vegan, and raw options as well.

So if you don't have a spiralizer yet, go ahead and get one because come springtime, you're going to need it! Thank you all so much for your excitement and support so far--blogging and cookbook writing is truly a gift and I couldn't do any of it without you wonderful readers. Stay tuned--I'll be sure to let you know when the book is available for preorder.


And finally, don't forget to stop by the other blogs in the link-up to learn what these ladies' best purchase of 2016 was! I'm so looking forward to meeting everyone at Alt Summit next week.

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Photo (a sneak peek my new book!) by Shannon Douglas.