Sentences | Freckled Italian

I feel like I want to read more poetry this year. Sometimes when I think about college I remember how exciting I always was to prepare for a class that was only going to discuss poems. I kept most of my books from college--especially the Norton Anthologies--so I have everything I need to get started again. I think I may just have to make time for an afternoon cup of tea and a poem each week. Doesn't that sound like a nice ritual?

I'm hoping to buy a new lens for my camera in the next few months--something for everyday photos around the house and "lifestyle" shots, I guess you could say. I'm missing What I Wore posts here, but I've had trouble finding a photographer nearby so I'm hoping to just upgrade my own equipment and do it all myself. Charlotte was such a creative and collaborative city and for some reason I'm struggling to find that in my new neighborhood.

Rob and I have been under the weather all week--he was sick at the end of our Charlotte trip and then I must have caught it. It's been pretty rough (I don't get super sick very often so I guess I'm kind of a baby), but at the same time taking it a little slow at the start of a new year doesn't suck, either. I've been on the couch, under a blanket for most of 2017 so far; just writing or snuggling with Ender.

What's new with you these days?