Friday Favorites (65)

Friday Favorites | Freckled Italian

Happy Friday! Rob got in around 10 last night and we ordered pizza, which was delivered right after we got home from the airport. We sat outside with a citronella candle while Ender ran around our backyard and lightning bugs flickered. It has been so hot here in Charlotte--at 11PM it was still in the high 80s and super humid. I kind of hate how hot it gets down here, but there is something magical about a muggy summer night, especially when there's pizza.

We're headed out of town early tomorrow morning for a wedding, but we both have some work to do before then (as well as some oysters and cocktails with our name on them later tonight in Uptown), so until then, I wanted to share a few links for your weekend:

This dress looks so comfy and light that I want to wear it every day this summer. I just might! This one, too.

17 Refreshing Cocktails You Need To Make This Summer. I'll take one of each.

Donald Trump Is Dead Wrong About the "Good Guy with a Gun" Theory -- a Ballistics and Firearms Expert Explains Why. I used to think this, as embarrassing as it might be to admit. But it just makes no sense.

Iwan Rheon is musically talented--who knew? The man can act, that's for sure--it took me a few seconds to not be unnerved seeing his face on my screen. 

Maybe I'm not fashionable enough to understand this but can someone explain to me why these shoes are so expensive?

I'm really into this Instagram account. Paleo recipes inspired by takeout dishes? Yes please. (Gimme the sweet and sour chicken.)


What are you up to this weekend? Hope you're staying cool wherever you are!