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Old School Ramblings | Freckled Italian

I was going to post a recipe this morning but when I went back to the photos I had hastily taken a few weeks ago (where did the time go?), I realized that they didn't actually look very good. Recipes and outfit posts are some of my favorite kinds of content to share, but when I use them as backups I always get a little nostalgic for the days where I used to blog randomly and write in real time, at my computer, before hitting "publish." So I think I might do that again today.

Rob and I have had so much going on in our lives these past few weeks that it's made my head spin. Lots of good stuff--moving into the house and having friends over every Sunday so all of our dogs can wear themselves out playing in the yard. Having enough space to entertain, to sit on the back porch in the sun with friends and iced coffee or beers, has been a bit of a dream come true. We have windows in the kitchen and I hang my pots from the ceiling and all of our dishes are stacked in open shelving--I didn't know little things like that could make such a difference. We've also had some pretty incredible opportunities present themselves to us lately and I'm excited to share more details about everything soon.

And yet through all of it I've found myself feeling incredibly overwhelmed. The move and the cookbook and some unexpected decisions we've had to make. Last year my parents split up and my mom got breast cancer for the second time--so I'm trying to find some perspective and feel blessed, not stressed (how's that for a cheesy expression?). Things are busy, but good, and I am really thankful for the adventure.

There was a time where I used to write every day--I filled up big journals every year and didn't even know what a blog was. Over the years I slowly stopped writing in the journals, but as more and more people started reading the blog I started censoring myself in some ways. That's not official yet, don't talk about it. That's too personal, keep it to yourself. The recipes and outfits are fun but they don't really capture all of who I am and what I want this space to be.

I guess this is less of an update and more of a realization that I'd like to write here more. I've been so busy lately that I haven't spent any time coming up with post ideas or shooting photos, and I know that takes a toll on a blog. But I also haven't spent time really writing the things that are on my mind, and that can take a toll on a person.

We've had a lot of rain in the past few weeks and it's brought me back to the headspace in which I usually live. Barefoot in the kitchen making scrambled eggs with a lot of butter. Writing at the dinner table while the coffee brews. Curled up on the couch with a book and a cup of tea, now with a sleeping dog in the nook behind my knees. I started feeling like my old self again--the creative one who feels everything and dreams big. Writing this cookbook has pushed me out of it and then brought me back. 

Thanks for being here. There's a lot coming and I'm glad you've stuck around for it.