What I Wore 72: The Sweater I Forgot About


Most recently in Megan's Adventures of Shopping Her Own Closet, this light little ruffled sweater that's perfect for spring. I think I'm the worst fashion blogger of all time because everything I show you is old. "Here's the cutest sweater I own! But you can't have one, because I bought it six years ago."

In other news, I'm still wearing athletic clothes and passing them off as professional (see Lululemon tank top), but I think it's working--I cannot stress enough how perfect this tank top is. Another win for athleisure (and cleaning out your closet once every few months). 

J.Crew Pants and Sweater | Freckled Italian
J.Crew Pants and Sweater | Freckled Italian
Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag | Freckled Italia
Capsule Wardrobe Outfit | Freckled Italian

Photos by Andi Perullo for Freckled Italian.