Looking Back on Long Distance

Rob came to Roanoke to visit this weekend and on Sunday afternoon I lay in bed with my head on his shoulder, thinking about the days we spent in a long-distance relationship. Earlier that morning the rain poured down outside and we made egg sandwiches and pot after pot of coffee, and even though I'll be home again on Wednesday, I couldn't help but feel a little melancholy knowing he was going to be back on the road before long.

I had almost forgotten those long distance vibes: the gloomy Sundays and the long goodbyes; the extra-long brunches or Netflix marathons and maybe just one more cup of coffee--there was always a sadness that hung over the second half of the weekend and I felt it a lot yesterday.

But our life is together now--no more flights or long drives; instead we wake up together, eat breakfast in our apartment, share a car, go out for drinks after work, and do all the other day to day things we used to dream about when we lived half a continent apart.

So yesterday as Rob packed his bag and drove away I actually marveled at my luck--what a treasure to find the person you never want to say goodbye to, and then to live a life full of hellos together.