Five Months of Ender

Ender turned seven months old a few days ago and I'm already planning his first birthday party. Basically, I'm up for any excuse to celebrate anything at all, which is why I write these blog posts every month around the time we got him and acknowledge his little monthly birthday and can't wait to buy him a puppy cake and a party hat in November.

Until then, I'll continue with my lists. This month, Ender...

  • Weighs 43 pounds.
  • Had his first swimming experience--we were in Charlottesville and went to this dog park that has a big lake attached and it was so hot that he got right in. He swam out and back in over and over again for probably twenty minutes. It was so cute to watch him figure it out--I felt so proud!
  • Has never really been into his food and seems to be getting more and more bored with it--we switched from Merrick to Iams a couple weeks ago and then this week I brought home the lamb and rice instead of the usual chicken flavor, which he seems to be a little more interested in. He usually eats everything I give him but just slowly munches on it all day long--is that weird? Rocky used to bark and howl when it was time for dinner and he'd devour it all in about ten seconds.
  • Loves napping on the kitchen floor, especially on hot afternoons.
  • Is suddenly quite possessive of sticks. It's always a little random, so it's been a challenge figuring out how to deal with it.
  • Has mostly lost all his soft puppy fur, but still has the silkiest head and ears in the world.
  • Is currently very freaked out by large items a human may be carrying at any time. Examples include golf bags and groceries.
  • Sometimes cries outside of the shower until he gathers the nerve to jump in and join one of us for a quick bath.
  • Has mostly outgrown any weird walking behaviors (he used to jump on me randomly and/or refuse to take another step forward), and going on walks with him has become really easy.
  • Met a tiny little puppy the other day and was so sweet and gentle with him that I wanted to take him out for ice cream afterward.

Photo by Sarah Gatrell.