DIY Gift Idea: Wine Bottle Succulent Planters

I've been saving some empty wine bottles for a few months, knowing I wanted to do some kind of craft with them but having no specifics in mind. I kept going back to cutting them and using them as vases or little plant gardens, but glass cutting seemed really intimidating. Finally, with the help of my mom, I decided to just give it a try and plant some little succulent gardens to give as gifts for Mother's Day. I'm really happy with how they turned out!

Once I started, I couldn't stop--I think my mom and I made at least eight last weekend. We're well on our way to becoming professional crafters.

Cutting the glass took a lot more patience and precision than I thought it would, so be sure to head over to the La Crema blog today and check out my tips for using a bottle cutter, as well as the full tutorial for this fun, springy craft.

This post is brought to you in partnership with La Crema. For the full project tutorial, take a peek at my post on their blog!

Photos by Sarah Gatrell for Freckled Italian.