The Eighty Twenty Magazine, Volume One

It's here! Our first volume of The Eighty Twenty Magazine is finally out there in the world and waiting for you to get your hands on it. I can't believe it was last year that Rob and I flew to Boston to work with The Eighty Twenty team in person for the first time--it feels like so much longer than that and like it was just yesterday, all at once. We have worked so hard on this volume and I am incredibly proud of it. At the risk of sounding overdramatic, this magazine really is a dream come true.

As requested, there are both digital and hard copies available (but if you want to order a hard copy let us know--theeightytwenty [at] gmail [dot] com--as we're currently selling those separately)!

Find out more about the magazine and get your copy right here.


Photo by Anna Burns for The Eighty Twenty.