Questions (and Answers) v.6


If you could pick one city in the world to live in for a year, where would that be and why?

I'm torn on this one--a big part of me feels like I'd do well somewhere in Scandinavia, like Norway. Another part of me really wants to see Ireland. But I think if I had to pick a specific city and live there, I'd head to Argentina and call Buenos Aires home. My mom was born there, I've never been, and it would be the perfect way to regain my Spanish fluency. I'd actually really love Argentina to be the destination of our next big trip sometime in the next two years.

Do you ever struggle with time management? What do you do when you're short of time for something important?

The sweet person who asked this questions said that if I do struggle with time management, they couldn't tell, and that was just so nice of them. But yes, I am the worst with time management. I'm a big proponent of to-do lists (I use Trello and absolutely love it), but I'm not always great at completing them. Working from home can be wonderful, but sometimes I really have to motivate myself to get things done.

In my dreams, I would have a schedule that is specific to the hour. Wake up, go running, make breakfast, eat breakfast, write this post, cook this recipe, take these photos, answer emails, stop for lunch, take a walk, make dinner ahead of time, etc. In reality, I am nowhere near that. 

I definitely think prioritizing things is important--what's due first is obviously significant, but sometimes I'll do the quickest thing first so that I can check something off my list immediately. That often propels me toward a more productive day. One thing I've found to improve my time management skills is visiting a coffee shop a couple times a week, because when I'm working in a public space, I'm less inclined to spend an hour on Pinterest. It's a work in progress.

What is your favorite home-cooked meal, Paleo or non-Paleo?

My absolute favorite meal growing up (and before going Paleo) was pasta with pesto. My mom makes the best pesto and my entire family loved it. Sometimes I'll make pesto and put it on chicken or veggies but let's be real, it's not the same. Now I think my favorite home-cooked meal is a really good flank steak or a beef tenderloin, sliced up really thinly, with roasted Brussels sprouts and a big salad on the side.

Do you come from a big or a small family? Tell me more about your childhood.

I come from an immediate family of just four (my mom, dad, brother and I), but both sides of my family are really huge. My dad is one of five and my mom has only one sister, but their extended family is really large. I visited Italy as a kid and could barely keep all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins straight (the language barrier didn't help)!

Rob comes from a big family as well. He has three brothers and both of his parents come from large families. I think we want to have three kids, maybe. I love the relationship I have with my brother so much, but I think having two siblings could be really fun.

I grew up in Roanoke and loved it--still do. I went to Catholic school from kindergarten through high school and I loved that, too; but I don't think Rob and I will send our future kids to a religious school. I was super active in student government, my church, swimming, cross country and track, and even a little cheerleading here and there.

I had a cat in California named JoJo (we gave him to one of my cousins when we moved) and also a pet rat named Zippity after the hamster in Barney. In Virginia I used to collect pet mice two at a time--it was sort of bizarre. They were the little white ones that you feed to snakes. They actually made really good pets, even if it means you're kind of a weirdo. And then of course there was Rocky, who we got when I was in seventh grade. He was seriously the best dog in the world.


Now it's your turn--leave me a comment with your answers! I love hearing from you guys.